Accreditors Approve Saybrook University Alliance with TCS Education System

TCS Education SystemThe Western Association of colleges and faculties (WASC) has approved a partnership between Chicago-based TCS Education System (TCS Ed) and San Francisco-based Saybrook University—a dynamic collaboration expected to counterpoint the longer term of each noncommercial establishments.
“A revolution is occurring in graduate education, and this partnership permits Saybrook University to steer the means,” said Dr. Mark Schulman, president of Saybrook University. “Our affiliation with TCS Education System permits Saybrook to still deliver the humanistic education that transforms lives however, within the current national economic climate, is progressively out of the reach of millions.”


Driven by a social modification mission that unifies its faculties and distinguishes TCS Education System from the other instruction enterprise nowadays, the addition of Saybrook expands the pool to a complete of 5 instruction establishments that span the state. Dr. archangel pianist, commencement president of TCS disfunction since 2009, same WASC’s approval of this partnership may be a testament to the success of the TCS Education System mission and can facilitate advance AN new vision in practitioner-based education.


“TCS Education System was based to become a game-changer,” said Dr. Horowitz. “As we have a tendency to start up future chapter in our journey and welcome Saybrook University into the TCS Education System family, along we are going to still reimagine instruction and forge new methods that may answer the decision to arrange qualified practitioners absolutely impacting communities domestically and globally.”


Considered the world’s premier establishment for humanistic scholarship and follow, Saybrook University joins The Chicago faculty of skilled science, Pacific Oaks school & Children’s faculty, The town & Ventura faculties of Law, and also the city Nursing Institute within the TCS Education System network.


“TCS Education System may be a community of similar academic establishments. joined of its partners, Saybrook can have access to high caliber experience,” said Dr. Schulman. “This experience can facilitate North American nation cut back prices, build our prime quality graduate education additional offered, and improve the coed expertise.”


About TCS Education System:

TCS Education System (TCS Ed) was based in 2009 as a noncommercial organization with a mission of getting ready innovative, engaged, purposeful agents of modification WHO serve our world community.

TCS disfunction options a network of specialised establishments, that area unit backed by a model of education that prepares socially accountable, culturally competent professionals in applied fields like science, law, health care, and education. TCS disfunction partners—The Chicago faculty of skilled science, The town & Ventura faculties of Law, Pacific Oaks school & Children’s faculty, city Nursing Institute, and Saybrook University—each provide scholarship, training, and repair opportunities directed to a selected career path whereas providing a transformative academic expertise.


About Saybrook University

Saybrook University, the world’s premier establishment for humanistic scholarship and follow, was based in 1971 to hold forward the philosophy and values of a bunch of outstanding students and psychologists, as well as patriarch Maslow, Rollo May, and Rogers.


One of the primary yank universities to supply graduate education at a distance for operating professionals, Saybrook offers graduate level courses that mix on-line education with in-person categories, intensive seminars, and conferences. A noncommercial university composed of 4 schools—the faculty of structure Leadership and Transformation, the varsity of Mind-Body drugs, the varsity of psychotherapeutics, and also the faculty of science and knowledge domain Inquiry—Saybrook is commissioned by the Western Association of colleges and faculties (WASC).

Accreditors Approve Saybrook University Alliance with TCS Education System by


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