Bring Data to Life as Fun, Useful and Interesting Maps with the New PolicyMap

PolicyMap, a division of The Reinvestment Fund (TRF) dedicated to creating public and industrial knowledge offered, further because the tools to map this knowledge, free a major update to its self-service net tool and website nowadays at PolicyMap was created to place powerful knowledge mapping tools into the hands of policy manufacturers, economists, universities, researchers, voters et al while not requiring them to buy advanced mapping systems or invest in Geographic info Systems (GIS) coaching to use those systems.


“For the last half-dozen years, we’ve for the most part catered to state, native and centralized users further as banking and housing professionals, school students and researchers wanting to raised perceive geographic knowledge and trends,” same Maggie McCullough, President, PolicyMap. “As interest in knowledge and knowledge visualisation has exploded, we’ve remodeled PolicyMap into a additional powerful however easier to use tool that appeals to our ancient customers, further as newcomers to mapping and net managers wanting to elevate their business intelligence, research, analytics or presentation or GIS capabilities.”


With its on-line mapping tool and over fifteen,000 datasets already offered – together with demographics, housing, lending, shopper defrayment, crime stats, education, jobs, health care and far additional – PolicyMap is easy enough to let a family moving across the country see wherever high playacting colleges ar situated, however advanced enough to supply a noncommercial with knowledge relating to physical inactivity so as to advocate wherever to make new playgrounds.


“PolicyMap has quickly and utterly reworked however we have a tendency to analyze our markets and arrange our investments,” same Alan fast, Director of Strategic coming up with and analysis, Illinois development Authority (IHDA). “Prior to PolicyMap, we have a tendency to spent plenty of your time finding out knowledge to essentially penetrate an area and comprehend it. we have a tendency to knew the info was out there somewhere, however simply finding it had been very time intense. Now, it’s all at our fingertips during a single, on-line application. we are able to notice answers quickly, saving US an amazing quantity of your time. And, we have a tendency to ar victimization new indicators – knowledge we have a tendency to did not even recognize to seem for however found simply on PolicyMap. PolicyMap makes US additional knowledgeable and economical, and truly makes our work fun.”


New options in PolicyMap

With this new update, PolicyMap has not solely become easier to use and navigate, however has another additional advanced capabilities like custom knowledge tools and advanced multi-layered mapping.


Among the updates within the new PolicyMap are:

Greatly improved performance for quicker mapping and nice responsiveness particularly for terribly advanced maps engineered with giant amounts of knowledge
organized knowledge menu creating it faster for users to seek out the info they have
◦ the info menus ar currently organized by the topics most ordinarily hunted for by users

◦ The UI has been optimized to permit individuals to drill down deeply in associate intuitive manner

Redesigned interface that takes inspiration from fashionable on-line searching experiences and brings it to on-line knowledge mapping to lower the educational curve
◦ a well-known map expertise makes obtaining started quicker and easier

◦ fashionable normal search, print, share and transfer buttons that ar almost like different shopper sites

◦ additional map colours to settle on from, to esthetically or strategically match the planning and feel of different materials

◦ Full screen map (vs. ⅔ page) is additional up to date and user requested.

◦ Legends ar draggable, permitting users to visualize different elements of the maps

New knowledge loader permits users to simply transfer and share their own knowledge
◦ knowledge loader permits all to transfer address level knowledge, select icon, see all points on map

◦ Thematic level knowledge are often sent to PolicyMap for uploading as a part of subscription

◦ Uploaded knowledge are often shared with specific users (both PolicyMap users and non-users)

Improved three Layer Maps (formerly referred to as analytics)
◦ Highly-demanded, powerful practicality of layering multiple knowledge sets on high of every different is currently additional distinguished and easier to use

extra knowledge, as requested by users, including:
◦ industrial and residential vacancy via Vallassis, a supplier of post vacancy knowledge

◦ Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics showing wherever individuals live vs wherever they work

◦ Health connected datasets from the authority together with monthly and seasonal respiratory disease activity, illness|communicable disease} rates and mortality rates by disease and injury

◦ ER visit rates, hospital beds, Medicare beneficiaries, treatment room services and site of concentrations of doctors and dentists

◦ Bank branches, credit unions and bank failures

◦ Community Health Centers, and NP light-emitting diode clinics

◦ Public college finance knowledge together with expenditures and native, state and federal revenue

◦ Indexes relating to Economic quality and site Affordability

◦ Wages by business from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

◦ shopper Expenditures (coming Apr 2014)

◦ New indicators from the yankee Community Survey together with insurance coverage (coming Apr 2014)

Pricing & availableness

The basic level of PolicyMap is free as a part of TRF’s mission to serve low-wealth individuals and places. This includes basic mapping tools along side access to any publically offered knowledge like the U.S. Census, FBI, IRS, executive department and HDMA.. additional advanced mapping tools and access to any knowledge that PolicyMap must pay money for like home sales and faculty performance needs a monthly or yearly subscription ($ two hundred or $ two,000 respectively) or website license. Organizations that wish instant knowledge updates and unlimited access will integrate the PolicyMap knowledge API into their existing net, Map or software package platforms or infix the PolicyMap gizmo onto their web site to be used by their customers or guests. this is often a preferred alternative amongst assets organizations, as an example, that wish to alter prospective home patrons to seek out fascinating communities or loaning partners.


PolicyMap was established in 2007 because the knowledge mapping and analysis division of The Reinvestment Fund (TRF), a politician within the funding of neighborhood betterment programs, supported in 1985. thyrotropin-releasing hormone has endowed $ one.3 billion in community development programs together with cheap housing, schools, businesses, supermarkets and different comes that build wealth and chance for the individuals and places that require it the foremost. thyrotropin-releasing hormone partnered with 3D-L to form the technology that powers PolicyMap, investment associate experience in displaying geographic knowledge as extremely subtle and draggable maps in normal net browsers. Learn additional at or on Twitter @PolicyMap.

Bring Data to Life as Fun, Useful and Interesting Maps with the New PolicyMap by


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