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My YogaThis Feb, My Yoga on-line is happy to gift you with our latest apply guide simply in time for day. check in for the guide to receive eight daily emails with links to heart-opening yoga practices, meditation and insights to remove darkness from your spirit. connect with your heart this month and open yourself to the infinite prospects within!

“We created this guide as thanks to supply daily yoga practices that awaken U.S.A. to the knowledge of the center,” says My Yoga on-line co-founder Michelle Trantina. “Our aim is to supply yoga categories, meditations and insights to assist the professional connect with anahata—the heart chakra, and knowledge the thrill that resides at intervals every cause.”


Active participants within the apply guide will win daily prizes from My Yoga on-line by active and fascinating daily and sharing the guide with friends! Our most active participant can win a grand prize gift basket valued at over $ 280 and a $ five hundred charitable donation on their behalf created to the Haven.


The Haven provides an area wherever girls WHO are diagnosed with {breast willcer|carcinoma} can opt for a free program of in-depth support that is been designed to enhance their quality of life. Specialist nurses and specialists in nutrition, yoga, exercise and emotional support give made-to-order programs for every individual that comes through their doors.


“We square measure thus happy to support the Haven as a part of our Anahata apply Guide,” says Trantina. “They supply such a necessary place of healing and support for ladies and their families.”


Since they 1st opened in London, European nation in 2000, the Haven has helped over ten,000 individuals living with carcinoma, along side their families.


A $ five hundred donation can go towards supporting girls at the Haven with specialty programs like counsel, stylostixis and additional. need to urge involved? $ seventeen a month for one year may give 3 hours of specialist counsel for one visitor—invaluable for anyone finding it troublesome to deal with their designation. $ eighty a month for one year may purchase a year’s provide of stylostixis needles for all of the Haven’s locations. $ a hundred sixty five a month for one year can alter a visitant to complete a private program of care at The Haven. to form a donation, or for additional data visit


Yoga teaches U.S.A. that the center is that the center of knowledge in our bodies, wherever our true essence resides. This Feb, connect with the knowledge of the center and let your morality shine with Anahata: the center of Yoga.

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