Hospice Nurse Becomes the Patient After Near Death Experience

Suzanne B. O’Brien, RN is currently a psychological feature Speaker associated has proprietary and created an finish Of Life Doula educational program ™. The Doula educational program ™ educates community volunteers to be a resource and support for people and their families throughout this precious time of their life.
As a hospice nurse for many years, my shut friend for over thirty years, Suzanne B. O’Brien, RN set to require a visit to Southern Rhodesia as a volunteer. very little did she understand whereas caring for the sick and dying, she herself would return face to face with illness and presumably her own death. The nurse had currently become the patient as she suddenly developed unexplained debilitating symptoms.Upon returning home from continent in Oct 2012, she awoke with associate implausibly “stiff ” neck, that eventually traveled into her head. inside a couple of weeks, the correct facet of her face became paralytic. The nerves in her neck and head were thus inflamed that the nerve hit the facet of the canal inflicting intense pain and disfunction. “Suzanne is rarely one to complain, thus I straight off known as her mother Ellen and located out things was abundant worse than what Suzanne had delineate to Maine. I might hear and feel the desperation in her mother’s voice as she vowed to fight for her daughter’s life,” same charge. Suzanne had hassle concentrating, blurred vision and was in pain 24/7. It had become thus dangerous even brushing her teeth had become a job. Her RN work was currently reduced to associate hour or 2 at a time before the pain took over. Eventually she had to quit her job as debts mounted over $ fifty,000.


After many visits to the ER and diverse doctors, her deteriorating condition was still an entire mystery. She developed high force per unit area and was hurried to the ER to rule out a potential stroke. however stroke was a negative and also the identification was zoonotic disease in the course of Bell’s palsy. this may convince be another mis-diagnosis.


After thorough analysis, her mother found Dr. Cahill an incredible humanitarian World Health Organization has treated Presidents and Popes, and currently secure to seem at Suzanne. Suzanne went into Dr. Cahill’s workplace and delineate her symptoms. inside 5 minutes he same, “It appears like a medicine parasite.” Her blood work came back positive for a brain parasite known as Neurocysticercosis. Finally, this meant she might begin treatment.


“Suzanne has become my personal hero,” same charge. She believes everything happens for a reason and becomes a chance for growth. Even experiences that area unit thus painful and appear unfair become “gifts”. “I was surprised once she told Maine that over the past year as a results of her ill health and not having the ability to figure full time, she created an academic program teaching volunteers, relations and caregivers a way to lookout of a dying beloved reception,” states charge. She sculptured the program once the “doulas” she had witnessed and learned regarding in Zimbabwe!


Suzanne is in negotiations with a publisher on a brand new book known as “Positive Passings” and has been featured in many international articles, radio shows and may be seen on New York’s (WMHT) PBS Health Link with Benita Zahn which can air on April ten, 2014. . you’ll be able to conjointly visit her web site at http://www.suzannebobrien.com/meetsuzanne.html.



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