Joshuaamadi Solutions to Offer Emotional Healing Seminar


Joshuaamadi Solutions, associate organisation dedicated to emotional health and successfulness, is proud to open registration for his or her signature program, “The Emotional Healing and Transformation Seminar.”


Emotional pain and trauma will come back from several sources and may specific itself in a very style of manners. Abuse, neglect, broken relationships, traumatic events, and economic issues will all cause deep emotional pain.


But there’s facilitate.


The “Emotional Pain Transformational and Healing Seminar” could be a three-day long event in central London’s wader building.
Emotional pain healing and transformation seminar permits individuals from all works of life and nations to return and share their hurts and scars in order that they will heal, be reworked and make their lives.


Previous attendees report being galvanized, motivated and higher equipped to relate with others reception, work and leisure.


This three-day seminar is command in central London, at the distinguished wader building from Apr 3-5, 2014. The seminar host, Dr. Mabel Joshua-Amadi, could be a seasoned medical man with sixteen years of expertise in healing and transformation.


Some topics lined by the seminar include:

*How emotions cause pain

*3 common sources of emotional pain

*10 manifestations of emotional pain

*Personality varieties susceptible to emotional pain

*Effects of emotional pain on your health and wealth

*Effects of emotional pain on productivity and profits

*Effects of emotional pain on your relationships

*How to heal from emotional pain

*How to remodel your emotional pain into purpose and profit

*How to run free from emotional pain into joy and happiness

*7 religious laws of health and the way to use them

*3 religious laws of wealth and the way to use them

*Emotional intelligence

*How to use emotional intelligence in effective communication

*How to use emotional intelligence in relationships

*How to measure your dream life free from emotional pain


The teachings at these distinctive seminars inspire, inspire and equip attendees with insights, tools and techniques for managing emotional interaction in existence.


IBIS building has munificently reduced accommodation and automotive parking value for attendees of this seminar. Email United States of America your demand for the privilege access code.
Team leaders and managers WHO send staff will fancy free admittance as VIPs to the current powerful transformational seminar. sensible firms and organisations facilitate their staff become showing emotion happy and happy. In return, they keep valuable staff for raised productivity, profit and reduced employees turnover.

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