Lean Enterprise Institute Author Will Address Washington DC Conference on Streamlining Low-Income Aid Programs

Judy Worth, a author of the Lean Enterprise Institute book Perfecting Patient Journeys, can address the Work Support methods State Conference, March 12, 2014, in Washington, DC, on ways in which states will use lean management principles to boost processes delivering health care coverage and alternative crucial aid programs to low-income families.


Worth, a lean health care practician, can speak on “10 Things to grasp regarding Business method design.” price can advise attendees:

Start with a win — for the individuals doing the work. this can be particularly necessary once individuals square measure learning the lean methodology.
Go and see. Supplement programme knowledge with direct observation and interviews.
Count, count, count— however count the correct things. Measures should show enhancements to individuals doing the work and link back to higher-level business goals.
Experiment before you implement.

The conference runs March 12-14, 2014, at the Washington Marriott.


Since 2012, the Work Support methods initiative has provided six states with grants to check and implement more practical and integrated processes for delivering essential work-support aid, like health care coverage, nutrition edges, and kid care subsidies, to low-income families. The taking part states square measure Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, North geographical region, Rhode Island, and South geographical region.


The effort seeks to make a win-win for families needing help and state’s making an attempt to stretch budget bucks. The Ford Foundation, the project’s lead funder, has committed $ twenty one million over 5 years.


Bringing Lean Thinking to health care Services

Perfecting Patient Journeys (Lean Enterprise Institute, 2013) could be a sensible, how-to guidebook for autonomous groups rising the standard, cost, and delivery of health care processes. The book shows doctors, nurses, and directors, a way to determine and choose a retardant within the performance of a selected worth stream, outline a project scope, and build a shared understanding of what’s very happening within the worth stream. They conjointly learn to develop a shared vision of associate degree improved future state and the way to figure along to create that vision a reality.


About Judy price

Worth has intensive expertise in government, healthcare, and lean management. She junction rectifier a team of lean practitioners United Nations agency collaborated on the health care improvement book Perfecting Patient Journeys. throughout her career, she has worked with the Kellogg-funded computerised workplace Record Review Recertification Project for the yankee Board of medical practice and with several federally selected organ and tissue procural organizations within the U.S. She could be a partner in Lean Transformations cluster and co-owner of Verble, price & Verble. Her observe focuses on structure development and tutorial style.


About the Lean Enterprise Institute

Lean Enterprise Institute Iraqi National Congress., a 501(c)(3) noncommercial based mostly in Cambridge, MA, makes things higher through lean analysis, education, publishing, and conferences. supported in 1997 by management skilled James P. Womack, PhD, LEI supports alternative lean initiatives like the Lean international Network, the Lean Education educational Network, and also the health care worth Network.

Lean Enterprise Institute Author Will Address Washington DC Conference on Streamlining Low-Income Aid Programs by


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