Mountainside Treatment Center Celebrates Its 16th Anniversary

Since its opening in 1998, Mountainside Treatment Center in Canaan, CT has been nationally-recognized as one of the leading providers of clinically-effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment in the country. On February 26, 2014, the rehabilitation center celebrated its 16th year in operation.   “When we tend to started versant, our intention was to deliver level of care that merely wasn’t offered at the time. we tend to were the primary rehab center within the country to introduce holistic healing practices like yoga, meditation, treatment, and alternative ancient Chinese drugs components into our evidence-based treatment curriculums,” mentioned a versant proponent. “From our initial success in bridging those methodologies through the event of our newest programs, facilities, and treatment choices, versant has remained firmly centered on innovation and the way we are able to higher offer for the wants of our purchasers.”   In addition thereto being among the country’s 1st holistic rehabs, versant was additionally one amongst the primary rehabs to deal with treatment wants on a personal, by-client basis. With its stress on custom-made plans, the treatment center has been ready to facilitate over six,000 purchasers overcome their addictions. As more example of Mountainside’s dedication to serving to people overcome addiction, the rehab can before long be finishing construction on a fresh, progressive fifty,000 square-foot rehab facility designed to supply extra, abundant required services to those stricken by misuse.   The new facility can house a fanatical 20-bed ward center, the primary of its kind to utilize treatment, yoga, and alternative Mind, Body, and Spirit practices to assist purchasers ward a lot of well and effectively. additionally enclosed within the new facility could be a comprehensive family upbeat center. Since family and social support is verified to play such a major role in relapse bar, Mountainside’s new family upbeat center aims to not solely educate consumer families however additionally to assist them heal so families square measure higher sceptred to support their cherished ones through recovery.   Later in 2014, versant can more strengthen its commitment to purchasers by introducing 2 new programs to assist people who may have a lot of or less medical care and services versus a customary residential program. For purchasers United Nations agency want less, Mountainside’s new patient treatment program can provide constant quality of care as its primary program however with bigger flexibility so purchasers will a lot of simply integrate addiction treatment into their daily life schedule. Mountainside’s new extended care program can, meanwhile, offer purchasers United Nations agency want a lot of help reintegrating into community living with a extended amount of structured support combined with opportunities to develop marketable work and life skills.   While versant continues to deal with the changing treatment wants of its purchasers, one constant within the rehab center’s longevity and success is that the quality of its team of treatment professionals. Comprised of accredited and licensed counselors, social staff, a RN, a RN, and a medical specialist with a specialty in addiction care, the rehab center’s multi-disciplinary team square measure specialists at making and administering the rehab’s advanced, personalized treatment plans. it’s this distinctive, custom-made approach to addiction treatment that has created the versant Treatment Center the national model for effective addiction rehabilitation and recovery for the past sixteen years.   “We at versant need to issue a earnest many thanks to any or all of our workers and partners, each past and gift. Your experience, caring, Associate in Nursingd enduring commitment to the advance of addiction treatment as a full has vie an integral role in serving to U.S. modification the lives of numerous folks for the higher. it’s with this same level of dedication and determination that we’ll forge Mountainside’s future,” supplemental the proponent.   If you or somebody you like is enthusiastic about medicine or alcohol, or if you have got any queries, please contact versant Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center for a confidential inquiry at 800-762-5433.   About versant Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center   Mountainside is across the nation recognized for the effectiveness of its drug and drunkenness treatment programs. Our Integrative Care Model provides a comprehensive set of treatment and care offerings coordinated by a multidisciplinary treatment team to best match the distinctive wants and interests of every consumer. we tend to square measure lauded for our ability to partner with every consumer and also the client’s family and health care professionals in developing and execution personalized treatment plans that promote long-run sobriety.

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