Requirements for Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs

Neonatal nurse practitioner programs can be found through universities and four year colleges, each of which will have specific enrollment requirements. Neonatal NPs will provide care to ill and premature newborns. These healthcare professionals will work with families, doctors and other nurses in order to ensure that a high risk infant is developing well. This type of NP is a registered nurse who has obtained an advanced degree in this area of specialty.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners.Education Requirements

Working as a neonatal NP requires obtaining a master’s degree in an advanced program that features this area of concentration. These neonatal practitioner programs will typically take twenty-four months to complete. Prospective students will need to have licensure as a nurse and will need to have several years of field experience in order to qualify for enrollment. This type of advanced program will feature classwork in patient assessment, infant pathophysiology and neonatal pharmacology.

Program admittance will often require a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program and prerequisite classwork in statistics, developmental psychology, microbiology and anatomy. Other requirements can include a minimum of two to three years of field experience working in pediatrics and high admission testing scores. Some of the coursework in a program will include such topics as health assessment in infants, advanced NP management, intensive care training and patient and family interaction.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs

Once a student has completed a degree program they will be well prepared to take the NNP exam. This type of certification exam will evaluate and test an NP on their skills and knowledge in this field. Every state will require certification in order to work in this specialty field.

Neonatal NPs will already have their licensure as an RN, but they will also be required to obtain advanced licensure. State requirements for this position can vary. Some of the common licensure prerequisites can include graduation from an accredited MSN program and having state and national certification. Some states will also require yearly continuing education hours in order to qualify for re-certification.

This type of NP will work closely with doctors in assisting with diagnosis, assessment and high risk newborn treatment. These individuals will also oversee RNs that work in neonatal units and will provide information to parents caring for high risk newborns. NNPs are skilled in preventing infection risk and for supplying proper nutrition for health development in infants. They will also be able to make treatment decisions for certain medical conditions, without the supervision of an MD. Most of these healthcare professionals will work in a hospital.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs :The Average Neonatal NP Salary

According to statistics that have been provided by the BLS, an NNP will experience a salary that can range from $48,000 to $52,000 a year. Some of the higher paying states for this profession will include Texas, California and Florida. The average salary in these states will range from $58,000 to $62,000. Salary for this position will significantly increase after an NNP obtains more than four years of field experience.

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