Netsmart Continues Commitment to Health and Human Services with Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification of myEvolv CareRecord


NetsmartNetsmart these days declared it’s earned ambulant Complete EHR, 2014 Edition (Meaningful Use Stage 2) certification for its myEvolv™ V nine.0 solution. The announcement comes but a month once Netsmart’s myAvatar™ CareRecord™ became the primary EHR designed specifically for health and human services supplier organizations to realize Stage a pair of substantive Use certification.

“This certification of our myEvolv™ CareRecord reinforces Netsmart’s commitment to the continued development of the myEvolv platform and robust partnership with our shoppers within the kid and family services, I/DD, social services and behavioural health supplier communities,” aforesaid archangel Valentine, chief officer, Netsmart. Netsmart assumed development of the myEvolv answer (previously referred to as Evolv-CS) in January 2013 with its acquisition of Defran Systems.

At that point, Defran Systems president and business executive Fran Loshin-Turso, currently a senior vice chairman and head at Netsmart, cited Netsmart’s ability to create the investment needed to fulfill substantive Use Stages a pair of and three needs as a key think about the acquisition call. Stage one Complete and standard substantive Use certification expires for all vendors on December 31, 2013, in order that they should with success pass 2014 certification needs for his or her users to still qualify for substantive Use incentive funds.

While some business reports indicate suppliers ar seeking EHR alternatives if their current marketer is unlikely to fulfill the 2014 certification needs, Netsmart is guaranteeing its shoppers are able to still qualify for incentive funds. additionally to myAvatar and myEvolv, Netsmart is on schedule to realize Complete EHR, 2014 Edition compliant certification for its TIER®, CMHC/MIS and Insight™ CareRecords.

Behavioral health, addiction treatment, I/DD, kid and family, public health, and different health and human services suppliers ar presently eligible for Medicaid or Medicare substantive Use funds supported the amount of Eligible Professionals (EPs), like physicians and nurse practitioners, in their organizations. Certification testing for myEvolv was conducted by Drummond cluster opposition., one in all the ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Bodies (ATCBs) for EHR certification named by the workplace of the National organizer to supply substantive Use certification for EHR systems and applications. Netsmart is committed to serving to health and human services suppliers deliver effective, recovery-based care with Netsmart CareFabric™, a tightly woven framework of innovative clinical and business solutions and services that supports integrated, coordinated delivery of health services across the spectrum of care.

More than twenty two,000 shopper organizations, as well as 450,000 care suppliers and over forty state systems use Netsmart merchandise to assist improve the standard of life for tens of countless individuals every year. Netsmart shoppers embody mental state and substance use treatment agencies, medical specialty hospitals, personal and cluster mental state practices, public health departments, social services and kid and family health agencies, very important records offices, and managed care organizations. Netsmart is happy to support the EveryDay Matters Foundation, that was established for behavioural and public health organizations to be told from one another and share their causes and stories. Organizations may request grants for his or her cause or to assist fund technology that advances the approach care is delivered.

Netsmart Continues Commitment to Health and Human Services with Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification of myEvolv CareRecord by


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