Nurse Practitioner at Advanced Fertility Center Celebrates 11 Years

Mary Turner, MS, WHNP, is celebrating her 11-year day of remembrance at the Advanced Fertility Center of Lone-Star State. She joined the follow in 2003.


Turner focuses on physiological condition, gynecology, and endocrine imbalances. Before change of integrity the middle, she was a labor and delivery nurse at Memorial Armin centre. before that, she was at MD Anderson Cancer Center as an exploration nurse in surgical medicine. She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Lone-Star State at capital of Texas, and a master’s degree from the University of Lone-Star State at Houston. She’s presently following a certification in practical medication that may alter patients to be treated as a full.


Besides her 3 alternative specialties, Turner additionally focuses on Polcystic gonad Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is that the commonest endocrine disorder in girls. there’s presently no cure for PCOS, thus managing symptoms square measure key. Early detection is additionally key as PCOS has been joined to developing many metabolic diseases like polygenic disease and high sterol. Turner recommends routine checks each six months if a patient has PCOS, or maybe thinks they’ll have it. The check includes blood work, Associate in Nursingd an ultrasound. Advanced Fertility Center will facilitate patients lower risk factors and symptoms related to PCOS. There don’t seem to be several places to travel to induce facilitate with managing it, and Turner includes a passion for serving to patients stricken with it.


To make a meeting with Blessed Virgin Turner, decision 713-467-4488, ext. 40.


About the Center:

Advanced Fertility Center of Lone-Star State has many fertility treatment centers situated throughout the Houston metropolitan space. they provide the foremost comprehensive, with-it fertility services on the market. They assist couples and people in experiencing the thrill of parentage, by providing the whole vary of fertility services on-the-spot, together with AI, injectable gonadotropins, in vitro fertilization treatment. they need a prosperous marginal stimulation IVF for poor gonad reserve patients, egg chilling, egg donor program, fertility preservation and surrogacy. For a lot of data, please visit their web site at

Nurse Practitioner at Advanced Fertility Center Celebrates 11 Years by


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