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Nursing continuing education requirements will vary from state to state. Some states can mandate nursing continuing education in order for an RN to stay actively employed, while others will require it in order to maintain licensure. The continuing education classes are courses that an RN will take once they have completed an accredited program and obtained their license. These classes can be specific or general in nature. Some courses are not always required, unless they’re specific to an employer’s needs, certification renewal or state licensure. Most of these classes need to be completed within a set time frame such as once every two years. Failure to complete CE classes can result in the loss or suspension of licensure.

Continuing Education Classes for Registered Nurses

Continuing education classes are usually offered under the guise of professional development or growth for licensed nurses. These classes can take shape in many forms. Both long and short term classes are available as well as lectures, seminars and certification refresher classes. Other classes will include topics such as nursing administration, healthcare legal issues, healthcare problems, social sciences, clinical review, personal development, teaching healthcare to patients and nutrition.

The exact classes that are available will depend on the school, which an RN can choose to attend. These classes can be found at technical schools, universities and colleges and are available in-class or online.

Nursing continuing education

A nurse can return to school to take continuing education classes to help them to develop their knowledge in a certain medical specialty. An RN can take classes on midwifery or pediatrics in order to increase their understanding of the neonatal or pediatrics field. Other RNs can take classes to help them advance in their careers or prepare them to return to college in order to obtain a higher degree level.



Other Reasons Why an RN can take Continuing Education Courses

Entry level RNs can take continuing education classes in order to prepare to become nurse practitioners. A nurse can choose to take classes in order to learn about advanced practice opportunities such as becoming a clinical specialist. Once an RN advances into a new role, they will need to take continuing education classes in order to continue to develop in that particular field or to prepare them to gain entry into nursing or doctor degree programs.

Some employers can require RNs to continue with their education, even though they are currently working in the healthcare field. There are also some credentials, such as those offered by the NCSBN or the ANCC, which require RNs to take continuing education classes in order to maintain their active licensure status. The amount of required CE hours will vary for each agency or state.


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