Schools of Nursing and Health Care Organization Named National League for Nursing Centers of Excellence for 2013-17; Ceremony at NLN Education Summit in Washington, DC

Nine faculties of nursing, together with 3 that have attained continued designation in their individual classes of excellence, are named NLN Centers of Excellence (COE) by the Board of Governors of the National League for Nursing, the league has declared. One health care organization, Norton attention of city, Kentucky, this year joins the ranks of COEs in an exceedingly class the NLN created in 2012 to spotlight the vital role observe environments play in advancing excellence in nursing education. the choice is by competitive application reviewed by a panel of leaders in nursing education.


As in previous years, COEs are formally recognized at the NLN’s Annual Education Summit throughout the NLN Banquet. Deans and alternative high directors, faculty, and health care executives are gathered for the conference in Washington, DC from Sep 18-21; the ceremony, on Fri evening, Sep twenty, follows the President’s Reception.


In highlights from this choice cycle, 2 faculties, Johns Hopkins University in urban center and Saint missionary in Chicago, received continued designations for “Creating Environments that Enhance Student Learning and skilled Development” – Saint missionary for the third time, Johns Hopkins for the second. Villanova University, in Philadelphia, was for the second consecutive year selected a COE for “Creating Environments that Advance the Science of Nursing Education.” antecedently, Villanova received 2 consecutive designations within the class “Creating Environments that Promote Student Learning and skilled Development.”


“We square measure proud to supply this elite standing to worthy nursing teaching programs and organizations that model excellence in their teaching/learning methods and implementation; initiatives that nurture skilled development; rigorous scholarship; and promotion of educational progression for life-long learning,” declared NLN president Judith Halstead, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF. “Their visionary leadership sets the quality for nursing education to create a powerful and numerous nursing work force to advance the nation’s health, guided by the core values of caring, integrity, diversity, and excellence.”


Initial and second COE designations square measure granted for a four-year period; a five-year term accompanies a 3rd COE designation. Throughout the four or a lot of years that establishments carry the COE designation, all function advisers and sounding boards to others that request COE standing. “The NLN considers COEs to be commonplace bearers of excellence, role models whose college, deans, and workers square measure obtainable to share experience, insight, knowledge, and skill to elevate the whole nursing community to the next level of feat,” noted Beverly Edmond Malone, PhD, RN, FAAN, CEO of the NLN. “I forestall to acknowledging their spectacular achievements at the Summit in Sep.”


Also, each year, students listed in COE faculties have a chance to share their thoughts on the that means of excellence in nursing education, what fosters excellence, and what it suggests that to them to be a part of a COE-designated nursing program. As in years past, the winner of the scholar Excellence Paper Competition are acknowledged at the COE presentation. She is Mary-Claire Rocha from Villanova University.


Since 2004, the NLN has issued associate annual invite to nursing faculties to use for COE standing. candidates square measure then judged on their ability to demonstrate in concrete, measurable terms sustained excellence in college development, nursing education analysis, or student learning and skilled development. Schools, and currently with the new class, health care organizations, should even have a verified commitment to continuous quality improvement. There square measure currently a complete of twenty nine NLN COEs, twenty five faculties of nursing that represent the spectrum of upper education, and 4 health care organizations.


Please see below for the whole list, by class, of 2013-17 COEs. For a lot of data regarding the COE program, please visit


Editors and reporters: For interview opportunities, please contact NLN chief communications officer Tibeto-Burman language R. Klestzick at 212-812-0376.


Dedicated to excellence in nursing, the National League for Nursing is that the premier organization for nurse college and leaders in nursing education. The NLN offers skilled development, networking opportunities, testing services, nursing analysis grants, and public policy initiatives to its thirty seven,000 individual and one,200 institutional members. NLN members represent nursing teaching programs across the spectrum of upper education and health care organizations and agencies.


Creating Environments that Enhance Student Learning and skilled Development

Ball State University (Muncie, IN)

Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD) …continuing designation

Northeastern University (Boston, MA)

Saint missionary (Chicago, IL) …continuing designation

University of Kansas (Kansas town, KS)


Creating Environments that Promote the education experience of college

Duke University (Durham, NC)

Creating Environments that Advance the Science of Nursing Education

Kent State University (Kent, Ohio)

Villanova University (Philadelphia, PA) …continuing designation

Widener University (Chester, PA)


Creating work Environments that Promote educational Progression of Nurses

Norton attention (Louisville, KY)

Schools of Nursing and Health Care Organization Named National League for Nursing Centers of Excellence for 2013-17; Ceremony at NLN Education Summit in Washington, DC by


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