UMass Boston Receives $1 Million Grant to Recruit Urban Nurse Leaders

The University of Massachusetts Boston’s school of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) has received a $ 997,556 grant to recruit and retain minority students through a brand new program: capital of Massachusetts Urban Nurse Leaders in Eliminating tutorial Disparities (BUN-LEAD). The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, awarded the grant to CNHS.
Over future 3 years, BUN-LEAD can give tuition help, tuition waivers, and mentoring support to CNHS students from ethnic or racial minorities. These students can serve numerous and at-risk populations in Boston’s urban communities. but 5 % of Massachusetts registered nurses square measure from ethnic or racial minorities. The BUN-LEAD program is meant to handle the economic and tutorial challenges that several minority students face as they pursue careers in nursing.


CNHS Dean Anahid Kulwicki, WHO spearheaded the grant application, believes that the BUN-LEAD program are useful to minority students as they work toward their degrees.


“We would like a lot of health practitioners WHO square measure accustomed to underserved and minority communities,” Kulwicki same. “This grant can enable North American country to form a lot of programs that support minority students within the school of Nursing and Health Sciences and meet the urban mission of the University of Massachusetts capital of Massachusetts.”


Stipends are created offered to fifteen eligible students within the initial year of the program, and to twenty students within the following 2 years. The stipends can facilitate nursing students cowl general living expenses. tutorial scholarships also will be offered for eligible students.


The College of Nursing and Health Sciences already contains a robust commitment to graduating a various category of advance-practice nurses WHO square measure ready to figure with underserved urban populations. additionally to the HRSA funding, CNHS can use internal funds to support graduate assistantships and assistance for eligible students within the BUN-LEAD program.


About UMass capital of Massachusetts


With a growing name for innovative analysis addressing advanced problems, the University of Massachusetts capital of Massachusetts, metropolitan Boston’s solely public university, offers its numerous student population each associate degree intimate learning setting and therefore the made expertise of an excellent yankee town. UMass Boston’s 10 schools and graduate colleges serve quite sixteen,000 students whereas participating native, national, and international constituents through tutorial programs, analysis centers, and public service activities.

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