WesternU College of Dental Medicine to offer virtual learning content and integration services

The College of medicine at Western University of Health Sciences, a number one conceiver in dental education, is happy to announce the forthcoming launch of VirtualU@WesternU in Apr 2014.
VirtualU@WesternU represents a particular entry into the digital learning arena which will assist dental colleges and different health care academic programs as they navigate the multifarious world of group action on-line learning and digital course enhancements at their home establishments.


VirtualU@WesternU can give tutorial health care teaching programs with integration support services moreover as on-line content. The goal is to considerably increase access to advanced coaching and support for dentists, thereby rising patient health. the web content can embrace pre-developed courses for the health sciences programme moreover because the capability to customise existing courses to any of 3 learning platform levels from a foundational learning management system to a totally purposeful reconciling learning surroundings.


VirtualU@WesternU will give web-based continued education courses for people and teams of existing practitioners – clench the idea of long learning. The initial catalog of dental titles can embrace on-line courses in medical emergencies for dental personnel, anaesthesia administration, beside a range of dental medicine and implant modules. Multiple content offerings area unit in development and can be declared as they become obtainable.


“From its beginning, the faculty of medicine at WesternU has embraced a heritage of innovation in dental education. though on-line education by itself is not any longer really innovative, VirtualU@WesternU represents a pioneering approach to with success group action virtual learning into the planet of health care education,” said Dr. Steven W. Friedrichsen, dean of the faculty of medicine. “VirtualU@WesternU represents another approach that the faculty of medicine is demonstrating growing leadership in dental education.”


In order to deliver on-line programs with excellence, Western University of Health Sciences has developed a multi-tiered partnership that features ICE Health Systems (ICE). ICE provides a comprehensive, on-line apply and learning management system moreover because the technology and platform for the first course offerings. The accessibility and convenience of external technology platforms can enable VirtualU@WesternU to deliver a broad array of program levels.


“ICE is extremely happy to figure with Western University of Health Sciences to supply this innovative service for dental professionals,” said Dr. Mark Genuis, business executive of ICE Health Systems. “WesternU’s virtual learning initiatives can considerably increase access to advanced coaching and support for dentists, which can inevitably lead to higher health for patients. WesternU is demonstrating tremendous leadership by sanctioning dentists to utilize state of the art technology for learning whereas maintaining their current patients and revenue stream.”


About Western University of Health Sciences


Western University of Health Sciences (http://www.westernu.edu), settled in Pomona, Calif. and Lebanon, Ore., is Associate in Nursing freelance non-profit-making health professions university, conferring degrees in medical specialty sciences, medicine, health sciences, medical sciences, nursing, optometry, osteopathic medication, pharmacy, physiotherapy, Dr. assistant studies, podiatric medication and medical specialty. The Chronicle of upper Education named WesternU an excellent faculty to figure For in 2012 and 2013.

WesternU College of Dental Medicine to offer virtual learning content and integration services by


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