Yoga Illumined 2014 Teacher Training at Castle Hill Yoga Begins April 19

The extremely regarded 200-Hour Yoga Illumined Teacher coaching co-led by Sumukhi, Kristina Lanuza, and Zoe Mantarakis can begin on April nineteen, 2014 at Castle Hill Yoga in Austin, Texas. Registration is open through Castle Hill, not just for those that would like to show yoga, except for anyone United Nations agency desires to measure a healthier, happier, additional balanced life through the physical and non secular practices of yoga.


Sumukhi and Zoe began collaborating in yoga over a decade past and ar excited to supply its deepest teachings to an obsessive cluster of scholars over 9 weekends at Castle Hill’s state-of-the art Yoga Studio. Registered with Yoga Alliance, the Yoga Illumined course of study includes refined yoga sequences, anatomy, movement, mantra, the business of teaching Yoga, Ayurveda (ancient medicine), Yoga philosophy, Indic and meditation.


“I love Yoga Illumined as a result of, as co-creator of the program, it provides Maine the chance to show what i think very matters,” aforementioned Zoe Mantarakis. “Yoga Illumined has the ability to vary the planet as a result of, at its heart, it’s a teaching of compassion, unity, radical acceptance, and therefore the truth that our state of nature is love.”


Along with yoga and physical practices, Yoga Illumined emphasizes the study of texts like The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali directly in Indic, the first language of Yoga. “Sanskrit may be a moving language, which implies sound and which means ar constant,” aforementioned Sumukhi, Kristina Lanuza. “Our Guru, Shri Brahmananda Hindu deity, Ramamurti S. Mishra, M.D., underscored ‘feeling’ the Hindooism scriptures through the vocalizing of Indic, which provides chanters a awfully sensible, innate understanding of Yoga philosophy, on the far side intellectual translation.”


Students United Nations agency graduate from Yoga Illumined teach Yoga throughout Austin, Texas and therefore the world, and plenty of of their bios will be found on the Yoga Illumined web site. alternative graduates utilize the Yoga techniques to enhance and enhance their professions as bodyworkers, company executives, physical therapists, nurses, medical doctors and home-makers. Yoga Illumined alumni mentor the subsequent year’s students and ar inspired to support each other in their ways as Yogis and in their careers as Yoga lecturers.


“Sumukhi and Zoe very trust in yoga at its original supply, the Indic sutras, and our bodies, and gift data concerning all the various sorts of posture apply offered currently,” aforementioned Susannah Raulino, Create-a-GoGo founder and Yoga Illumined 2013 graduate. “They train their students to seek out that resonant supply of yoga in themselves and encourage every student to show in ways in which ring true and feel right to them. The Indic and Sumukhi’s vocalizing ar completely transformational. and that i feel terribly ready by the apply, discussions and readings to show safe, fun, well balanced categories. i am unable to imagine a far better program. each teachers’ information and knowledge is in depth.”


In 2013, Yoga Illumined dilated to a second location in Austin, Gallery Black lagune and can offer Yoga Illumined – Seva, a completely new 200-hour program at its third location within the Sanctuary, Amala Foundation’s yoga studio, within the Fall of 2014.


About Yoga Illumined (

Co-created by Sumukhi, Kristina Lanuza, and Zoe Mantarakis, Yoga Illumined may be a 200-Hour Teacher educational program registered with the Yoga Alliance, and command at Castle Hill Fitness’ Yoga studio on twelfth and Lamar in downtown Austin. Students ar educated the way to use Yoga’s techniques to scale back stress and live life to the fullest. Yoga Illumined covers several levels of Yoga philosophy as well as the 8-limb system of Yoga (Ashtanga) as transmitted by Patanjali – that has tried and true pointers for strengthening the non secular, mental, psychic and build through posture (physical yoga postures), Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation to assist everyone embody the foremost dilated state of enlightenment (Samadhi). Students also are inspired to talk from their true Voice in each facet of their life and as a Yoga Teacher.

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